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August 15, 2017 

6:25am : Woke to Sprout asking to watch Pokemon and wanting marshmallow fruit loops for breakfast.
Bug was still sleeping.

7:15am : After waking up Bug, we had breakfast and went through our morning routine of letting the dog out to got to the bathroom, feeding the goats, cleaning cat box and then feeding both cats and the dog (yes hands are washed throughout this routine)

8:00am : School has officially begun. 

My teaching essentials

Bug's curriculum

So far so good, this week is a pretty light week, work wise. We will maybe only spend about an hour each day this week on work. We still need to attend some of the bigger classes such as math, zoo phonics, and Language Arts before we can really begin those subjects. Next week though is going to be a whole different battle. Not only will we have the big subject classes but for myself I'll be teaching 8th grade and Kindergarten. So I will definitely have to have 2 different modes to get my teaching across.

Wish me luck, this is my first time in home school land, I'm nervous but excited to embark on this adventure with my littles.

Bug of course didn't want to take a "First Day" photo. Apparently 8th graders are too cool for that. hahaha. 

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