Japan pt 5 - Iwakuni - Mama's coming home

We arrived at Iwakuni Station. Iwakuni is where my mom grew up. Her dad was in the Navy and so they were stationed at the base here. The base was under construction at the time of our visit so we weren't able to go and see it.

We did get to go over and see the Kintai Bridge. It was still raining so we had to be very careful walking over the bridge. 


Mom and dad, once we got across the bridge. There were booths with food and hand made pottery to buy and lots of sakura (cherry blossoms)

There's a castle waaaay up there, you have to take a gondola up to visit. But with it raining we weren't able to go up there. Safety first 😉

 This was one of the night trains we saw while we were waiting for our train back to the hotel.

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