Japan pt. 3b - Osaka Aquarium and Giant Ferris Wheel

Yep it's was still raining during our time in Osaka. We visited the castle, which was still fun despite the rain. Our hotel had a package deal for the Aquarium so they made the arrangements for us and got us our tickets which worked for the aquarium itself as well as the subway. We just needed to make sure to hold on to our ticket so we could come but to the hotel using the same ticket.

The Aquarium was a fairly tall building when you entered you go through a tube which has fish swimming all around you. Then you take an escalator up to the top of the building and that's where the tour begins and as you take the walkway back down is how you view all the animals they have. 

 As you come down about 2 levels there is a large tank that is in the middle of the building. I didn't realize until I walked up to the tank that it goes through the middle of the building all the way to the bottom. This tank houses 2 of their biggest animals, the Whale Shark. It was wonderful to see. They were such large creatures. Besides orcas, the 2 whale sharks were the biggest aquatic animals I have ever gotten the chance to see and be near.

This was the touch pool. There were a few sharks and rays that you could reach in and touch. My dad was excited, he loves fish and he hadn't been able to do something like this in a long time. I think he was able to touch just about each animal that was in the touch tank we were calling him the "Fish whisperer" after that. 

My sister said that they felt really weird (can you tell?  haha). 

 I found Nemo!


Once we finished walking the aquarium we went to the small mall that was next door. which also had a Ferris wheel called the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel. It was 369ft tall.

This was the aquarium view from the ferris wheel. 

Japan pt. 4 coming soon -

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