c2c crochet obsession

I've been working a lot more with crochet and knitting lately and I'm a bit excited cause I learned how to do c2c crochet, what does c2c crochet mean? It stands for corner-to-corner crochet.

[Per Google : "It allows you to begin in the corner of a crochet project, typically a crochet blanket or afghan square, and work towards the other corner in a way that produces a finished project that looks like a textured, layered version of the classic granny square" ]

Why I'm really excited to have learned c2c is that it also works great with graph patterns. Similar to the graph beanies but a flat version instead of a ridge one like the Flash beanie below.

I found a cute fox pattern, cause we all know I'm crafty like a fox! 😉 oh ya'll didn't know that?... ok then, moving on, as I was saying I found a cute fox pattern for a c2c square on Pinterest from The Friendly Red Fox (the name is so cute!)  Here is my very first c2c graph piece here is the link to The Friendly Red Fox's pin ---> http://pin.it/ovWLM7Z
where you can make dozens of these cuties too!.

So I then got a little adventuress and stepped way into the deep end of these c2c graph patterns and picked a large graph to attempt. Boy it was a doosey. I can't tell you how many times I started and stopped and tore it apart. 
No honestly I can't tell you, I lost count cause it was so many times. 
But I was determined to finish what I started.
BA BAM! look how awesome it is! 
Haku from Spirited Away.

My next c2c project brought me to Make & Do Crew and their pattern "Be a Deer" Afghan. Before I closed my custom orders down for some much needed order catch up and family business, I got an order for a crocheted deer head blanket for a little boy turning 1. His dad is a hunter and his boy loves to go with him when they camp and practice. So his mom contacted me for a blue deer head blanket. Which was perfect cause just about that time I had found the Graph pattern from Make & Do and I loved the color pallet that was chosen. So when I showed mom she said YES! that's what I want. So I stuck with similar colors (which Mom approved) and this is the finished result. 

I added a bit to the bottom of the deer head because the Make & Do Crew's graph was just stright across at the bottom and the mom wanted a bit more to it. I had enough supplies to make 2 of these in this color pallet so the first one went to the customer who was extreamly excited with it by the way 😊 and the second is currently listed in the Shop.

So I guess it's safe to say I have an obsession, I have found and bought quite a few graphs that I can't wait to start on. I'll be sure to post here about them as they are completed.

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