Japan pt. 3a - Kon ni chi wa Osaka

We spent the night in Tokyo and now it's time to venture to our next hotel in Osaka.

We had to take a 3-5 hour express train ride to get to our destination. We each brought our carry-ons with us and had our bigger luggage sent to the hotel the night before. We had reserved seating for the train, but we unfortunately misunderstood and we ended up on the wrong platform. By time we figured out the correct platform we missed our train by minutes. It was just pulling out of the station as we arrived onto the correct platform. So we had to wait for the next one, which luckily would arrive in 10 minutes and we would just board the unreserved car.  
Let me tell you, trying to navigate the stations, especially with the bit of luggage we had is no joke. The amount of people in the terminals, others rushing by trying to get to their train destinations, multiple hallways, escalators and stairs! oh my goodness the STAIRS! I made a mental note to myself to make sure I repacked everything better once we got to the hotel so I could send my carry-on next time as well. ;)

The scenery was beautiful, we even got to see Mt. Fuji from the train.

I wasn't able to get many photos while on the train though since we were in an unreserved car it was crowded.
Once we arrived to our hotel we got situated and then made a plan to see Osaka Castle. It was another rainy day but that wasn't going to stop us.  

The moat on the outside ring had little ferry's or gondolas that you could ride around the castle.

 They did have tours where you could go inside the castle but the wait in line was over an hour long (in the rain). So we decided to walk the grounds.

This building was used as military barracks and is in the process of being redone. 
The photo's below are what is on the wall in front of the construction, it shows a bit of the history of the castle. 

Japan pt. 3b coming soon -

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