Have you ever had a moment and the Flash Gordon song just plays in your head "Flash! ahhh ahhh, savior of the universe!".... no? it's just me.... ok moving on...
I know what your probably thinking, girl your too young to know Flash Gordon. Yes I was born in the 80's, but I had awesome parents. So I know all the cool icons from way back when and I'm definitely teaching Bug and Sprout to appreciate the awesomeness that we I grew up with. 
So, with all the super hero items gaining momentum lately I had a few people ask about a Flash beanie. I had to delve into my beanie pattern stash to see if I had a pattern for it. I did not. 😞 But have no fear, it will be made!. I ended up taking a perler bead pattern I had and formatted it work for the graph beanie I use from Playin' Hooky Designs. So I got to work making a beanie for some of my Flash loving friends. 

Now back to the music in my head "Flash! ahhh ahhh, he'll save every one of us!"...

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