Japan pt.1 - A bit of Tokyo

A few months ago I got the opportunity to go on an amazing trip to Japan with my family. We had a lot of fun. So much to see. Though we were only there for about a week we still had fun and got to see some great things while there. If you follow my personal account on Facebook then you've probably all ready saw all these as I was there.

We left the last week of March on a Monday, 
We arrived in Shinjuku, Tokyo Tuesday afternoon (it was still Monday back home). I had a total tourist moment and just started taking random pictures on the shuttle to our hotel.

It was actually a little overwhelming at first. Signs, people, lights everywhere, If you can believe I was a bit intimidated by it all. But I think it was a mixture of excitement, tiredness for the 13hr flight, and just being in a new place. 
Our hotel was awesome! It had Gojira! Eeekkkkk!!!! Yes, We stayed at the Godzilla Hotel (okay that's not what it was called but that's what I am calling it)

This is Don Quijote, it's where you can find almost evvvvverything! Like 7-11's, you find Don's all over the place here in Japan. It's a multi-level store (most of them are) that you can get groceries home essentials, hobby supplies, toys, electronics, clothing, even fitness equipment and all at a discount than you would find in regular shops. It's almost like an overstock type store. I wasn't sure if I could take pictures inside, but my sister happened to take this one of me. Yes, i know I look tired. It was 8 or 9pm at the time and I think my body was finally realizing I lost almost an entire day.  

Japan pt. 2 coming soon...

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