The Dolls

That sounds pretty ominous doesn't it?...."The Dolls".... well I didn't mean for it to sound haunting, but, I guess, in a way it's a bit fitting. See my latest projects are goth/haunting/day of the dead type cloth dolls. They are actually very fun to make and I love the ideas my customer gives me.
My customer is a dear friend and she loves Sugar skulls and Day of the Dead items. She sent me a few pictures of dolls that she wanted me make similar versions.

This is the Dia De Muertos {Day of the Dead} doll:
Her face is drawn and painted by hand, she has yarn hair with crocheted flowers.

The next doll I've completed, she found a photo and sent it to me to make a similar one. This is the photo she went me, {I'm not sure who it's by I can make it big enough to read the caption on the photo, it's a gorgeous doll. I hope I did it justice}

This is my version:

There's a few more dolls I'm working on for her. I'm just waiting on my order of better material. There are certain details that I just dodn't have good material for them. So once it gets here and as I finish the dolls I will post again.

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