Legendary Creatures vol.1

 I've been following Choly Knight of Sew Desu Ne for awhile now. I love her characters and I have a few of her sewing books. This year each month is a free Legendary Creature pattern. You get that months pattern for sinning up for her newsletter of if you send her photos of completed patterns of her's you used, or you can purchase the pattern from her shop
I think I have almost all the patterns so far for this year.

I was especially excited to find out that for July (My birth month) the Creature was a Kitsune. Woohoo. I made sure I got to get that pattern. I love everything about the 9 tailed fox. So here's my finished Kitsune.

I've been collecting the patterns and then as my fabric comes in I'm making the Creatures. So keep an eye out for more cute Legendary Creatures.

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