The Dolls

That sounds pretty ominous doesn't it?...."The Dolls".... well I didn't mean for it to sound haunting, but, I guess, in a way it's a bit fitting. See my latest projects are goth/haunting/day of the dead type cloth dolls. They are actually very fun to make and I love the ideas my customer gives me.
My customer is a dear friend and she loves Sugar skulls and Day of the Dead items. She sent me a few pictures of dolls that she wanted me make similar versions.

This is the Dia De Muertos {Day of the Dead} doll:
Her face is drawn and painted by hand, she has yarn hair with crocheted flowers.

The next doll I've completed, she found a photo and sent it to me to make a similar one. This is the photo she went me, {I'm not sure who it's by I can make it big enough to read the caption on the photo, it's a gorgeous doll. I hope I did it justice}

This is my version:

There's a few more dolls I'm working on for her. I'm just waiting on my order of better material. There are certain details that I just dodn't have good material for them. So once it gets here and as I finish the dolls I will post again.

Legendary Creatures vol.1

 I've been following Choly Knight of Sew Desu Ne for awhile now. I love her characters and I have a few of her sewing books. This year each month is a free Legendary Creature pattern. You get that months pattern for sinning up for her newsletter of if you send her photos of completed patterns of her's you used, or you can purchase the pattern from her shop
I think I have almost all the patterns so far for this year.

I was especially excited to find out that for July (My birth month) the Creature was a Kitsune. Woohoo. I made sure I got to get that pattern. I love everything about the 9 tailed fox. So here's my finished Kitsune.

I've been collecting the patterns and then as my fabric comes in I'm making the Creatures. So keep an eye out for more cute Legendary Creatures.

Superman vs. Batman inspired beanies

So much hype for the new DC movie, (don't worry, no spoilers in this post) that I had to join in on the fun of "Who do you choose?". My uncle is a Superman fan. Growing up he would tell us all the time that he was Superman. My husband and my self are fans of Batman. So you know who I would root for....
Here's my newest project inspired by family and the new movie. *^-^*

Captain America inspired beanie

My dad is a Captain America fan, so that inspired my next project. Steve Rogers Shield. I think I need to start prepping for the Captain America- Civil War movie, need to add a Iron Man beanie to project list too...

Ninja Turtle Inspired Beanies

Go ninja go ninja go!. Awe the late 80's and early 90's what a great time to be a kid. The awesome Saturday morning cartoons that every kid looked forward to the weekend to watch. One of my favorites was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So this post is about this project I've been working on, on and off the last few months. I thought I wouldn't have taken so long beings there's only 4 turtles, right?!?, but I've been so swamped with Bug's school work, getting Sprout pre-school ready and the many other projects I've had kinda took over.

During a sale when I got the "Graph Beanie" pattern and MLP cutie mark patterns I had gotten the Turtle mask pattern too from Playin' Hooky Designs. Now, finally finished, here are all 4 turtles!!

(Click on photo to be taken to etsy listing)

 Posted and ready for Made-to-order @ my Etsy shop.

Blog on the wayside

Sad to say but true. The Blog has fallen to the wayside, not intentionally of course. i have a few drafts started but just never finished. Unfortunately I haven't be able to keep up with writing like I would have hoped to do, to keep everyone informed of the goings on here at Bug N' Sprout. I've had orders back to back and even orders I've had to turn away cause I've been so busy. Plus with Bug in 6th grade this year it's a big workload and it's been tough to get some blogging time. 
Please bear with me, I'm trying to lighten my load and then I will get back to updating here.