Dress Commission

Well I've been commissioned to make a dress. For an adult. My first thought when I was asked was "Eeeekkkkkk!!!!". I've never really made a dress for anyone other then kids. I've done a few tops here and there but that's it. So I took on the challenge. 

I was excited and scared at the same time. I had a deadline of 2 weeks and was on a mission to find nice, flowy, green material.
I swear the workers at Jo-Ann's and Beverly's thought I was a nut. I literally went to both stores sometimes twice in one day for almost 3 day's straight. Coming to the counter's with bolts of green fabric. Lol. I was determined to find the right material. Unfortunately everything I was finding, there wasn't enough of the material that I would need or it wouldn't work for an outside wedding.
I then remembered there was a fabric store in Turlock called Rainbow Fabrics. So after meeting with my customer and  filling her in on the troubles with the fabric, showing her the samples of fabric I could get and then her letting me know what she was looking for and that I pretty much had full reign on material choice as long as it was green I was set, so Sprout, my MIL and I hopped into the truck and headed to Rainbow Fabrics.

Oh lorde when I walked into the store, all I could hear was: 
♫♪♫♪ "hallelujah, hallelujah!" ♫♪♫♪ 
I was shocked at how much material they had. I had only ever been in once before, awhile back, and they were in a smaller building. I found the fabric I needed!, got it home and got to work.

Dress was still in the fitting and editing stage in this photo.

I just finished the dress yesterday. It's actually knee length now, the sleeves are a bit shorter and it doesn't have a low V neckline, like it did here. All in all I think it came out great. My customer seems too like it so that's what matters.

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