MMM- Napkins and April Creative Dare Update

As always MMM is so much fun. The chat is always hilarious especially when we have all our great mods (moderators) and GM & GD (Glue Mom & Glue Dad) on.
Last night was out of the box. Tracy used printed napkins as her background on her piece. Yes you read that right, NAPKINS. I would have never thought to use that as a craft medium. I of course didn't have any "cool" looking napkins to use or the great stencil she used on the piece, so I stuck with good ole paint. I think a pulled off a pretty good piece despite the lack of said items. What do you think??....

My piece

I also found out that the Creative Dare Piece I submitted for April was chosen. So I get a prize woot woot! I'm so excited to see what I get. I also placed an order for some supplies so I can get more of my painting practice on. *^_^*

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