New ventures in Mixed Media

So for about the last maybe 6 months I was (and still am) in a sewing rut. I took on Crocheting and Knitting items full time hoping it would help me work out my creative flow, it' didn't. Then I tried my hand in making baby headbands, I found it's not my thing. Sure it's fun, but I just don't see myself doing it long term. On occasion yes but that's were it would end.
I have a desk full of projects that I've made patterns, started sewing, but that's it, all works in progress and well there just hasn't been any progress on them. They just sit there, staring at me with their beady little eyes (no really, some do have eyes). I just can't seem to get going on them. I know this year has been pretty busy. Bug's school has kept us busy. Book reports, mission's, and the regular school work is intense, more so then I remember being in 4th grade. But he's in a good school and can handle the work. I'm just having to learn to juggle his school needs and Sprouts toddler needs. It's work but I am getting there.

So if you happen to follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably have seen some new posts about Mixed Media. (and if you haven't well you will see some more post soon). I was on Pinterest one day and was looking for some new ideas to get my creativity going. I stumbled upon a Mixed Media art video by Tracy Weinzapfel. She hosts a show on uStream called Mixed Media Monday's.
Photo via Pinterest

I mean when you see this photo, or the one of Tracy jumping off her table in front of a wall full of DecoArt paint aren't you just a bit intrigued?!?. Well I sure was, and boy am I so glad I had clicked on that video. 
Every Monday Tracy creates a new piece that you can follow along and paint or just do your own thing. The show is quite fun. She's very down to earth. There's a chat you can participate in, card swaps, a  "creative dare" each month, where she picks a theme and you create a piece and then link it to her blog. 
I've recently been trying to get more involved in the chat and I even painted along this past Monday. 
 My version of Monday's MMM

All the new people that I get to meet and converse with is a lot of fun too. I think I found a great creative "un-blocker" that I hope will flourish more and more.

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