I know, I know, I've gone MIA again. Mommy hooded craziness has gotten the better of me. Trying to balance filling orders, a toddler a 4th grader and family life is hard, Did you know that?!?, cause I sure didn't. Why can't their be manuals when it come to, well, life?... is that too much to ask for?. Lol. Just thought I'd put that out there into the universe.

Any-hoo, so yeah, It's coming down towards the end of the school year for Bug, in a couple of weeks he'll be going on Spring Break and we plan on taking a trip to San Francisco to the Zoo, Pier 39, and the Aquarium. It's also Hubbs and my 10yr Anniversary next month. I know what your thinking OMG! 10yrs?! How old are you?? Lol. It's ok, I can't believe it either. It's like 10yrs has just flown by. So we do plan to actually do something for just us this year. I mean, it is kinda a big on to Celebrate right??. *^_^*

Sprout has become little miss Diva. Oh lorde, has she. I always thought oh no, my kid wont go through that phase. Boy did she prove me wrong. Though it isn't as bad as I've seen some kiddos get. Don't get me wrong it's frustrating and exhausting at times. But it's getting better and I'm learning patients.

I'm working on getting some new items into the shop. I know I've said that before. But I've just been in a creative rut and dealing with family life that I haven't been able to kick out anything good enough that I'd want to sell. I have started making Crochet and knit headbands for some of the women that my MIL works with and have made a few flower headbands for some babies. So if those are a big enough hit, I may just put them in the shop as well.

I have been working on some stuffie/lovie patterns that I'm hoping to get the pattern kinks out and good material for so I can start making those to sell. I will update more on that when they're ready.

Well there's a bit of an update for ya'll. Hope to post something again soon so as not to leave everyone hangin'. 

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