Zap what have you been up to??....

He's at it again!, what are we going to do with you Zap?!?....
The note he left went like this:
Wanted to help decorate the tree but I couldn't find your
Christmas decorations, so I found the next best thing. Love Zap
As you can see Zap was in a little accident. He fell from where he was the night before and then had a run in with the dog. Grandpa was able to save him from a horrible fate, but had to stay the night in the Magic Recovery Center. Thankfully Peppermint bear and Nurse Kitty are taking good care of him.
Yep even Tink came to help lend some magic when she herd the news.
Bug found Zap all snuggled up in the tree. He must be trying to save up some energy. What do you have planned for us Zap??

Let the MELLO-FIGHT Commence!!

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