Sprout the non-tech-specialest

So for the past week I have been desperately trying to work on my laptop. Last week mizz Sprout thought she was a big girl and decided she was going to work on the computer while mommy was busy in the other room. Well, when I came back in practically every folder, browser, file, photos, ect., was opened.
In Sprout's famous words "Oh no!"

After sitting down for about a half an hour I was able to get everything closed, and hoped that everything was going to work properly, shut it off for the night and got Sprout down to sleep.
The next day I got up and tried to get going for the day. So far it was business as usual, until the ominous warning, and error messages started popping up. Needless to say after trying everything under the sun to get it to work properly again worked to no avail. :(   At some point I was able to get it into safe mode and back up my most important files. (It took almost 2 days to get it to work long enough periods to be able to do it).
I needed my computer, Yes I am a Stay at home Mom, sew and crochet on the side, but I also work as a Shipping manager. I was desperate to get it back up and running. I then made the tough decision to restore my machine to Factory settings.

So far so good on it working. I just feel so at a loss, all my bookmarked sites were lost. Some I can remember and got those saved again. Others, well thank the Stars for Pinterest. (if you didn't know I'm a Pinterest nut.... yes, to the point I should seek help, lol, no really....)

This has definitely opened my eyes to 1: not leave Sprout lose when I'm not in the room and 2: Need to invest in a external hard drive ( I have tones of Flash drives, yeah that's not going to work for too long with what I do).

All in all, it's been a pretty crazy week. Lets see what next week brings us shall we *^_^*
Stay tuned.

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