T-shirt refashion

I was going though Bug's clothes the other day, he's a growing boy, I swear I just bought him 3 outfits a month or two ago and he's all ready out grown them. I was looking at some of his shirts and thought, "this would be a great refashion for Sprout!" There are a few super hero shirts that look practically new. So, here's what I did to make them a perfect fit and style for miss Sprout.
(There's going to be a mixture of pictures. I've done 2 tops so far and I realized after that I didn't take all the pictures that I would have needed).

What's needed: Scissors, t-shirt to refashion, ribbon or bias tape, sewing machine, measuring tape, thread

Step 1: Lay out the shirt flat. (Like so)
Now according to the size this was a boys size 8. Sprout wears anywhere from 24months-3T, I know its crazy. But the arm holes worked for what I needed. (if using a lager, say adult size, you will more than likely have to make arm holes).

Step 2: On the picture below, the green lines indicate where to cut. So to clarify, cut off the sleeves and the original neckline.

Step 3: Take your ribbon or bias tape and measure out 2 strips the same length as the top of the shirt.
Now the front and back for Sprout were too wide. If left alone the straps wouldn't sit on her shoulders. there are a few options you can do.

There's pleating, shirring, or even cutting it to the size you desire. In the photo below I chose pleating. On the Superman Tee, I used elastic and just bunched it. (I wish I took a picture of that to give you a better idea)
For pleating: find the center on the front. Measure 1inch to the left and fold in to the center. repeat for the right and back of shirt. Repeat both ways till you have desired size. Pin pleats in place (shown below) and then straight stitch across the top to keep in place.

Now take one strip of your ribbon and cover your raw edge. Straight stitch into place.  Trim edges to be flush with your arm holes (Repeat for back of shirt)

 Step 4: Take your ribbon and cover your arm holes and straight stitch into place. Here you can measure out the length you need for straps and create ties.

On the Super Tee I cut 6 strips, braided them and sewed them down as straps, then added bows to the front.

The Star tee I just did straight straps ( I was running out of that particular ribbon).

And in the words (the few words she says right now) Ta Da! **imagine her hands in the air and a huge smile when saying it**

I haven't experimented with the bottom yet. They both hit just above the knee on Sprout so they work as a top or a dress. But you always have the option to add ruffles or tulle, or any other bits you'd like.


  1. I'm thinking (using your idea) I could refashion a few of Isaak's old Tees to make Bug (mine lol) some rompers. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Oh yeah, rompers would be so cute!.
      I used to give Bug's(Mine) shirts to friends with little boys but now having Sprout and seeing how expensive clothes can be. oy!. Lol I'll hang on to what I can and reuse. haha.