Summer MuuMuu's

Lately I've been making outfits for miss Sprout. Girl clothes are just so expensive now a days, it crazy. So again while on Pinterest I found the cutest tutorial for a MuuMuu. Yep MuuMuu's are coming back. Growing up I always remember my Grandmother wearing them. She had one for every occasion, she had her casual ones some satin/silk ones.
When I came across the pin from Pretty Prudent (also known as: Prudent Baby),
(Photo via Pintrest. Click the photo to be taken to the pin)

I thought "this is perfect!" there's so much you can do with a MuuMuu. They are perfect for Summertime too. (As long as you are using good material like cotton, or thin knit). Plus the tutorial is so easy to follow. I was able to make 2 in one day. You can dress them up or down depending on the length and patterns you use. 
Like I did here:  
This is the first one I made. It was actually my test one. The pattern is for a 3-6 yr old. So I had to do some adjusting in sizing to make it work for a 1.5yr old. I ended up making it a little short so its more of a top on Sprout then a dress. But that's okay. It's still adorable.
Also in the second photo, the top tier has the main pattern and the solid ruffle material. I just measured out the length I would need of the main fabric (which was I think 12"inches), then I cut that in half. I measured out about 4"-6"in in the solid fabric and sewed one end to the end of the patterned fabric and repeated with the other half. You will have a longer strip but you can cut it later in the tutorial. 
( Sorry it's not a full front, but Sprout loves the camera. and she likes to see herself in it.)

The second MuuMuu is the correct size and now a dress. (I still put leggings on her cause we were going to the dentist and I haven't had a chance to make bloomers yet.
 I did the same thing with the top tier on this one but then I added a button down piece. I thought it dressed it up a bit.
I think next I look at maybe adding a ruffled bottom.... hummm, think, think, think, we'll see. *^_^*

Check out Pretty Prudent for other great tutorials and posts.


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