Our Disney Vacation

Well I've been dormant from writing for a bit, as you all may have noticed. It's because my family and I were taking a much needed family vacation.
See hubs job keeps him away a lot (he's a work-aholic). So we don't get too much family time. Since having Sprout and now Bug is older we wanted to do our first Family Vacation, of course it was to Disneyland!.
Opa (my dad) pushing Sprout on the luggage carrier when we got to our hotel.

I told her it was time to get down so we could put it back, this is the look I get. Lol. I think she would have still been happy if the whole trip consisted of riding this.

Waiting to get on the Buzz Lightyear ride, we came across Periwinkle at the border. (Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings, yes we know this movie well) 

 Yes that is Darth Vader down there. We caught the end of the show. Next time we go Bug wants to do the Jedi training academy.

 Of course you do not go to Disneyland and not see Captain Jack Sparrow. This was actually the first time (that I can remember in my 29years of life) riding Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sprouts first time at the castle. Bug was a little grumpy today cause he wanted to stay at the hotel and go swimming.

Though you can't see it cause of the pacifier, Sprout was amazed and so happy to see Mickey Mouse. He came walking out to take pictures and her mouth about dropped open. She's used to the small t.v. version.

Bug had fun in Frontierland.

Hubbs, Bug, and Sprout were all getting tired so they went back to the hotel to take a nap and I stayed with my parents and brother and sister to go on some more rides. Went on the Little Mermaid for the first time too. Me and my sister had to make our brother go on with us. Haha. 

Here we all are, just minus our other brother (he didn't get to go on the trip). I'm sporting my pirate Mini ears Bug picked out for me.

Last but not least the Wonderful World of Color. Awesome show. Bug and Sprout loved it.

 Getting ready to go home. Sprout for some reason enjoyed playing in the window.

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