Hobo Bag

All mom's will probably agree with me on this, when you have kids, you don't go for the dainty purse. You need a bag, and I mean a BAG!
I can't count any more how many times I end up carrying way more then what I left the house with. Me personally, I only carry my wallet, sunglasses, checkbook (I know, who carries that any more? right!), chap stick, and car keys. I even down sized to one of those flat wallets to save room. Mainly since the room taken up in my bag is from hubbs and the littles.
I swear I look like a dang horder with all the things that end up in my bag. You name it, it's probably in there, lol. **Yeah I can tell your trying to hide that "girl I know what your talkin' about" smile, as your reading this** Don't be shy, we've all been there, or will be there at some point.

So I of course ran into not having a bag big enough **gasp!** I know, coming from a girl who's mother is the queen of bags. Not having a big enough one is shame.
I have found a wonderful crafter/artist/sewest. Her name is Choly Knight. She has a few books out. So far I have Sew Kawaii and I just purchased Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes yay! Can't wait to get that one in the mail.
She also is author of Sew Baby and Sew Your Own Pet Pillow. She's on Facebook as Shori Ameshiko.
Choly has great free tutorials like her Wampa plush, and her Sew Desu Ne? shop on Etsy has a lot of great creations she's made for sale.

One of her free tutorials that I loved was her Raven Hobo Bag.
(Click photo to be taken to tutorial)
It was the perfect size that I needed for me, okay really for my family's carry all.
The tutorial is so easy to follow. She also has a great technique for an exposed zipper.
I of course didn't have the same materials as the Raven Bag uses, but I think mine came out pretty well.

I used some cotton material fat quarters (fat quarters are awesome, especially when you can get them for less then $2.00 a piece, they have endless possibilities). I was actually going to use them for an outfit for miss Sprout but I loved the colors and patterns so much that I used them instead. The straps were actually a tan/kaki belt I never use that was majorly fraying at the end. So of course I up cycled. *^_^*
I think I will definitely be making some more of these in different styles.
The first time I left the house with this bag I had so many complements and women inquiring where they could get a bag just like this. I was very happy that it turns heads (in a good way) and everyone's things can fit with out any issue .

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