Bucket Bag

Now that miss Sprout is a whopping 1.5yr old, I thought it was time to up grade her diaper bag I made for her while I was still pregnant with her.
From this:

To this:

So much more pocket space, just more room in general. She can even use it as a backpack (Bug is demonstrating for us) when she gets older.
I used a wonderful tutorial from Sew Can Do
Click photo to be taken to Sew Can Do to download the free tutorial.



I've had so many projects sitting on the backburner for a while now I figured I needed to get them done and off my desk. I'm running out of room.

One of those projects was for Bug. Typical boy he's in to Vikings, and dragons, and magic. Well I started on a Toothless plush a while back, but never got to finish him. So the other day I sat down and got to work.


Hobo Bag

All mom's will probably agree with me on this, when you have kids, you don't go for the dainty purse. You need a bag, and I mean a BAG!
I can't count any more how many times I end up carrying way more then what I left the house with. Me personally, I only carry my wallet, sunglasses, checkbook (I know, who carries that any more? right!), chap stick, and car keys. I even down sized to one of those flat wallets to save room. Mainly since the room taken up in my bag is from hubbs and the littles.
I swear I look like a dang horder with all the things that end up in my bag. You name it, it's probably in there, lol. **Yeah I can tell your trying to hide that "girl I know what your talkin' about" smile, as your reading this** Don't be shy, we've all been there, or will be there at some point.

So I of course ran into not having a bag big enough **gasp!** I know, coming from a girl who's mother is the queen of bags. Not having a big enough one is shame.
I have found a wonderful crafter/artist/sewest. Her name is Choly Knight. She has a few books out. So far I have Sew Kawaii and I just purchased Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes yay! Can't wait to get that one in the mail.
She also is author of Sew Baby and Sew Your Own Pet Pillow. She's on Facebook as Shori Ameshiko.
Choly has great free tutorials like her Wampa plush, and her Sew Desu Ne? shop on Etsy has a lot of great creations she's made for sale.

One of her free tutorials that I loved was her Raven Hobo Bag.
(Click photo to be taken to tutorial)
It was the perfect size that I needed for me, okay really for my family's carry all.
The tutorial is so easy to follow. She also has a great technique for an exposed zipper.
I of course didn't have the same materials as the Raven Bag uses, but I think mine came out pretty well.

I used some cotton material fat quarters (fat quarters are awesome, especially when you can get them for less then $2.00 a piece, they have endless possibilities). I was actually going to use them for an outfit for miss Sprout but I loved the colors and patterns so much that I used them instead. The straps were actually a tan/kaki belt I never use that was majorly fraying at the end. So of course I up cycled. *^_^*
I think I will definitely be making some more of these in different styles.
The first time I left the house with this bag I had so many complements and women inquiring where they could get a bag just like this. I was very happy that it turns heads (in a good way) and everyone's things can fit with out any issue .

Summer MuuMuu's

Lately I've been making outfits for miss Sprout. Girl clothes are just so expensive now a days, it crazy. So again while on Pinterest I found the cutest tutorial for a MuuMuu. Yep MuuMuu's are coming back. Growing up I always remember my Grandmother wearing them. She had one for every occasion, she had her casual ones some satin/silk ones.
When I came across the pin from Pretty Prudent (also known as: Prudent Baby),
(Photo via Pintrest. Click the photo to be taken to the pin)

I thought "this is perfect!" there's so much you can do with a MuuMuu. They are perfect for Summertime too. (As long as you are using good material like cotton, or thin knit). Plus the tutorial is so easy to follow. I was able to make 2 in one day. You can dress them up or down depending on the length and patterns you use. 
Like I did here:  
This is the first one I made. It was actually my test one. The pattern is for a 3-6 yr old. So I had to do some adjusting in sizing to make it work for a 1.5yr old. I ended up making it a little short so its more of a top on Sprout then a dress. But that's okay. It's still adorable.
Also in the second photo, the top tier has the main pattern and the solid ruffle material. I just measured out the length I would need of the main fabric (which was I think 12"inches), then I cut that in half. I measured out about 4"-6"in in the solid fabric and sewed one end to the end of the patterned fabric and repeated with the other half. You will have a longer strip but you can cut it later in the tutorial. 
( Sorry it's not a full front, but Sprout loves the camera. and she likes to see herself in it.)

The second MuuMuu is the correct size and now a dress. (I still put leggings on her cause we were going to the dentist and I haven't had a chance to make bloomers yet.
 I did the same thing with the top tier on this one but then I added a button down piece. I thought it dressed it up a bit.
I think next I look at maybe adding a ruffled bottom.... hummm, think, think, think, we'll see. *^_^*

Check out Pretty Prudent for other great tutorials and posts.


Our Disney Vacation

Well I've been dormant from writing for a bit, as you all may have noticed. It's because my family and I were taking a much needed family vacation.
See hubs job keeps him away a lot (he's a work-aholic). So we don't get too much family time. Since having Sprout and now Bug is older we wanted to do our first Family Vacation, of course it was to Disneyland!.
Opa (my dad) pushing Sprout on the luggage carrier when we got to our hotel.

I told her it was time to get down so we could put it back, this is the look I get. Lol. I think she would have still been happy if the whole trip consisted of riding this.

Waiting to get on the Buzz Lightyear ride, we came across Periwinkle at the border. (Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings, yes we know this movie well) 

 Yes that is Darth Vader down there. We caught the end of the show. Next time we go Bug wants to do the Jedi training academy.

 Of course you do not go to Disneyland and not see Captain Jack Sparrow. This was actually the first time (that I can remember in my 29years of life) riding Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sprouts first time at the castle. Bug was a little grumpy today cause he wanted to stay at the hotel and go swimming.

Though you can't see it cause of the pacifier, Sprout was amazed and so happy to see Mickey Mouse. He came walking out to take pictures and her mouth about dropped open. She's used to the small t.v. version.

Bug had fun in Frontierland.

Hubbs, Bug, and Sprout were all getting tired so they went back to the hotel to take a nap and I stayed with my parents and brother and sister to go on some more rides. Went on the Little Mermaid for the first time too. Me and my sister had to make our brother go on with us. Haha. 

Here we all are, just minus our other brother (he didn't get to go on the trip). I'm sporting my pirate Mini ears Bug picked out for me.

Last but not least the Wonderful World of Color. Awesome show. Bug and Sprout loved it.

 Getting ready to go home. Sprout for some reason enjoyed playing in the window.

T-shirt refashion

I was going though Bug's clothes the other day, he's a growing boy, I swear I just bought him 3 outfits a month or two ago and he's all ready out grown them. I was looking at some of his shirts and thought, "this would be a great refashion for Sprout!" There are a few super hero shirts that look practically new. So, here's what I did to make them a perfect fit and style for miss Sprout.
(There's going to be a mixture of pictures. I've done 2 tops so far and I realized after that I didn't take all the pictures that I would have needed).

What's needed: Scissors, t-shirt to refashion, ribbon or bias tape, sewing machine, measuring tape, thread

Step 1: Lay out the shirt flat. (Like so)
Now according to the size this was a boys size 8. Sprout wears anywhere from 24months-3T, I know its crazy. But the arm holes worked for what I needed. (if using a lager, say adult size, you will more than likely have to make arm holes).

Step 2: On the picture below, the green lines indicate where to cut. So to clarify, cut off the sleeves and the original neckline.

Step 3: Take your ribbon or bias tape and measure out 2 strips the same length as the top of the shirt.
Now the front and back for Sprout were too wide. If left alone the straps wouldn't sit on her shoulders. there are a few options you can do.

There's pleating, shirring, or even cutting it to the size you desire. In the photo below I chose pleating. On the Superman Tee, I used elastic and just bunched it. (I wish I took a picture of that to give you a better idea)
For pleating: find the center on the front. Measure 1inch to the left and fold in to the center. repeat for the right and back of shirt. Repeat both ways till you have desired size. Pin pleats in place (shown below) and then straight stitch across the top to keep in place.

Now take one strip of your ribbon and cover your raw edge. Straight stitch into place.  Trim edges to be flush with your arm holes (Repeat for back of shirt)

 Step 4: Take your ribbon and cover your arm holes and straight stitch into place. Here you can measure out the length you need for straps and create ties.

On the Super Tee I cut 6 strips, braided them and sewed them down as straps, then added bows to the front.

The Star tee I just did straight straps ( I was running out of that particular ribbon).

And in the words (the few words she says right now) Ta Da! **imagine her hands in the air and a huge smile when saying it**

I haven't experimented with the bottom yet. They both hit just above the knee on Sprout so they work as a top or a dress. But you always have the option to add ruffles or tulle, or any other bits you'd like.