The meaning behind Bug N' Sprout

The meaning behind your blog name

Well if you are new to meeting me, or new to this here blog of mine, HI! and welcome. Don't be scared, I don't bite, unless provoked.... anyway, moving on.

The Blog name is for my little's. I talk about them a lot here. "Bug" is my son (of course it's not his real name). My mother-in-law (MIL) came up with it. It was something he was wearing I think and it made him look like a bug. Ever since the name stuck.
Sprout is for my baby girl. MIL also gave her that name. Her hair was coming in funny and a little patch of it in the back, no matter what we did, it would just stick up. It reminded MIL of a little, well Sprout.

I originally went by SewRae! but I wanted to feature more than just my sewing. So what better way to make a change and put it all out there with Bug N' Sprout.

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