Just the facts

Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

(This is muah, Hello!, how's it going?... I was driving to the store {no this was not taken whilst driving, crazy} to get something for the littles before the hubs' award ceremony. So I had gotten all pertty for him.)

1. I am part Pilipino and part German. (Yes odd combo, or so I've been told)

2. I have this thing with numbers. I can remember numbers really well. (Hubs calls me his human calendar, cause I can remember dates like no buddies business) haha (But yet I completely and passionately hate math).

3. Sometimes I have a green eye and a light brown eye.

4. I love supernatural anything,.... movies, shows, books, pictures, ect

5. I tend to read up to 4 books at any given time. (It depends on the story I guess. If it grips me in the first chapter then I dive in head first and solely read that one)

6. I LuRve BOOKS!!! (see #5)

7. Did I mention I was an app addict?... well there I did. ;)

8. I can't cook worth a crap.... (every now and then I have my moments)

9. I'm a StarWars nerd!!!.

10. I dislike pickles. 

11. I tend to be a hoarder when it comes to crafting and sewing.

12. I'm a visual learner.

13. I started sewing by hand when I was little.

14. I didn't really play with Barbie's, I kinda used them as hostages and the GI Joe's had to save them after the convertible was crashed into the dream house. (well I guess that's playing with them in a way)

15. I love tattoo's.

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