(This is the Wampa I made)
Yes you read that right. It's a Wampa. A chibi version anyway. For Father's Day I wanted to make Hubs something I knew he'd like and we being the Star Was loving family that we are, what better then a Wampa. (I have some other characters in the works but my not be ready in time.)
The best part to this little Wampa is his detachable arm. Yep, you can have your own battle just like Luke and sever his arm.
I found this great Free pattern and Tutorial from Choly Knight.
Click picture to be taken to the Tutorial & pattern
I love Choly's patterns. I have her book "Sew Kawaii" and I can't wait to get her other books and create more cuteness. *^_^*
Check out her blog also for great free patterns too.


Just a thought

a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you
My little's have the biggest impact on me. They are my world. They put a smile on my face everyday and keep me and their daddy going with their infectious laughter and crazy ways. (Wonder where they get that from...)

Somewhere I've been

pictures of somewhere you’ve been

Pismo. Me and my brothers.
I stepped on something and my brother gets saltwater in the eye. Great photo op *^_^*


The meaning behind Bug N' Sprout

The meaning behind your blog name

Well if you are new to meeting me, or new to this here blog of mine, HI! and welcome. Don't be scared, I don't bite, unless provoked.... anyway, moving on.

The Blog name is for my little's. I talk about them a lot here. "Bug" is my son (of course it's not his real name). My mother-in-law (MIL) came up with it. It was something he was wearing I think and it made him look like a bug. Ever since the name stuck.
Sprout is for my baby girl. MIL also gave her that name. Her hair was coming in funny and a little patch of it in the back, no matter what we did, it would just stick up. It reminded MIL of a little, well Sprout.

I originally went by SewRae! but I wanted to feature more than just my sewing. So what better way to make a change and put it all out there with Bug N' Sprout.

Just the facts

Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

(This is muah, Hello!, how's it going?... I was driving to the store {no this was not taken whilst driving, crazy} to get something for the littles before the hubs' award ceremony. So I had gotten all pertty for him.)

1. I am part Pilipino and part German. (Yes odd combo, or so I've been told)

2. I have this thing with numbers. I can remember numbers really well. (Hubs calls me his human calendar, cause I can remember dates like no buddies business) haha (But yet I completely and passionately hate math).

3. Sometimes I have a green eye and a light brown eye.

4. I love supernatural anything,.... movies, shows, books, pictures, ect

5. I tend to read up to 4 books at any given time. (It depends on the story I guess. If it grips me in the first chapter then I dive in head first and solely read that one)

6. I LuRve BOOKS!!! (see #5)

7. Did I mention I was an app addict?... well there I did. ;)

8. I can't cook worth a crap.... (every now and then I have my moments)

9. I'm a StarWars nerd!!!.

10. I dislike pickles. 

11. I tend to be a hoarder when it comes to crafting and sewing.

12. I'm a visual learner.

13. I started sewing by hand when I was little.

14. I didn't really play with Barbie's, I kinda used them as hostages and the GI Joe's had to save them after the convertible was crashed into the dream house. (well I guess that's playing with them in a way)

15. I love tattoo's.