Cool and cute outfits

With summer blasting in on us I had to think fast and start getting some more outfits ready for mizz Sprout to keep cool.

This first dress/top: I used the pattern and tutorial from Sewing in no mans land called the "The Yorkshire in {mini}".  It's a darling little dress. (sorry I have no pictures with Sprout wearing it yet. She's been sick)
The tutorial is very easy to follow. I only layered the bodice pieces so it's a bit more flowy and breathable for Sprout. The other thing that's nice about this dress, is that it fits just right to be worn as a dress or as a top with leggings. Definitely going to make a few more of these for her wardrobe.

The next dress: I actually made the pattern myself. (still a bit of a work in progress) I'm hoping to get it just right to have it available for a free download.
It's just a pretty simple dress.

 I wanted to add a little color to break up all the green on the top, so I found some cute pink buttons that matched the color in the skirt. Also, instead of making button holes I applied snaps (cause if you have a daughter like mine who would, rather go naked the fuss with clothes, you need to have a quick process). I then just sewed the buttons over the backside of the snaps.

See --------------->

This bow idea actually came from a pinterest idea for a old fashion bow for a headband. I then sewed it to the front with the tie to hold it in place. 

Summer Time is on it's way

It's only spring, but with the 90° whether we've been having, I say it's time to breakout the summer wardrobe and start the summer sewing!.

We have a dinner to go to for my husbands work, and we are able to bring the little's so I decided to make a  cool summer dress for Sprout.
I found some cute fabric for only $1.00 a yard at Joann's.
Don't know what it is about this fabric, but I just remember my Lola (Grandmother {I'm part Philippine}) wearing the Mumu style dresses like this.
So I cut about a half a yard off and measured from just under Sprout's arm-pits down to about her ankle. I got 16" inches. I added 2" inches to give it a nice hem at the top and bottom. I surred the top using elastic thread, Leaving about half an inch for a ruffle at the very top, and surred about 10 rows a half inch apart down.

We were having a Roarsome! day. (Sprout's new love is "Henry HuggleMonster")