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My mother in law asked me to fix her scrub pants the other day (She's an RN for the NICU at our local hospital) and like most of us women, the inner thigh area started wearing down and was on the verge of getting holes ripped through (hate that). She had two pairs of the same color and so I patched one so she could wear them again. She let me have the other one that I cut the patch from. 

While going through my stack of material that has been staring at me for the past month, (been having major creative block issues) I noticed a flower print material someone had given me awhile back and thought that the scrub solid scrub pant color went very well together.
There's a dress pattern from The Cottage Home I found a few weeks ago via Pinterest that I've been wanting to try out for Sprout.
It's called The Party Dress. With Easter around the corner and this being Sprout's 2nd Easter I thought I would be nice to make her a cute dress.
Click Picture to be taken to Pattern and Tutorial
Picture via The Cottage Home
It's a beautiful little dress by Lindsay Wilkes form The Cottage Home. The tutorial is wonderful, full of detail and very easy to follow. I was able to sit down and in one day had the dress done. Technically it was two, but there were much needed nap times due to Sprout teething, ear infection, and fever on top of it all. :(
But still, I wish all tutorials were written out like hers.
I even also learned a good tip on sewing the shoulder pieces. So much easier then the way I was used to doing it and they come out waayyyy better. ;)
The button loops are from the scrub pants draw string. Yeah yeah, I kinda cheated on that part. I had to cut some time if I wanted to try it on Sprout while she was still in a good mood.

I only had 1 yard of the floral fabric so I had to improvise on the lining for the two back pieces of the bodice (So they are pink, which once it's all finished it still looked really nice having that pop of color on the inside).

Here's the skirt now it needs to be gathered at the top.
All done! Here's miss sprout in her cute little dress. She was so happy about it. Can you tell??... ;)

The back. I made the buttons pink too instead of the floral for that little pop of color again. I actually ran out of long enough material from the scrub pants so I didn't get to make the sash as long as it needed to be. But I made it work. (Total Tim Gunn/Project Runway line lol)

It came out to the perfect length too. I was worried it would be too long for her when I measured it out but It's great that it falls to her ankle.

Perfect little Party Dress if I do say so my self. Wait I'm writing this so I am saying so!. Hehe.

Check out The Cottage Home for this and other great tutorials. Make some pretties for your little ones :)

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