Spring Cleaning

Yeah that's right I said it. Spring cleaning in January. Bug's room needed it badly. His 2 weeks off for winter break didn't help either. I should have taken before pictures. To describe it, it looked as though a Lego war happened and at least 2 bombs went off. Every step you took in the room you stepped on Lego pieces, light sabers, action figures, and the list goes on. There was no floor, his bed was torn apart everyday, I couldn't understand how he was even able to play with anything, let alone find all the pieces to something to even play in the first place. Finally I broke down and told him it was time to clean and donate some toys.
I actually had to bribe the little bugger just to get him to help me clean. We had a mobile closet (like this)
(Photo from Google)

that no one was using and he's been wanting a fort to play in. So I told him that if he helped clean his room and keep it clean I'd make a fort in his room. So far so good. 
(Totally didn't see that bowl there before he left for school.... hummm... So it begins)

So when Bug went back to school on Monday, I cleared a spot in his room, did a bit of reconstruction on the mobile closet and vola! instant fort/reading nook.

(Look! there's actually a floor there!)

 Stocking it up with his chapter books and some pillows.

Now lets see how long it stays like this. (For my 8yr old, not gonna hold my breath) Lol.
Bug was so happy when he got home. He's all ready asked to be able to sleep in it. He didn't even ask to watch t.v. that day. He stayed in it and read all the way till bedtime. I'm glad he likes it. Now just trying to figure out what to do to it. Needs some color, don'tcha think?...

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