Out with the old in with the MONKeYs

Keeping with the cleaning posts, I re-did our bathroom for Bug and Sprout to utilize. It went from a small drab white and green bathroom to a total Monk-Y-fied (Not sure if that is a word but I'm using it.) bathroom!. Haha
Bug came in the room while I was setting it up, asking why the bathroom was monkeys. I told him it's for him and his sister to use.

Here's our following conversation on the monkey topic.

Bug: Well mom why didn't you make it princesses for sissy?.
Me: Because it's for the both of you. Do you want a girly bathroom??
Bug: Oh no!... Mom?, why don't they make it Princes and Princesses??
Me: You know Bug that is a very good question!. They should make it both. We need to tell Disney about this! Lol.
The thinking of an 8 yr old is priceless.

Here's Bug and Sprout's MonkeYfied bathroom,

 Bug was really happy with the out come of the bathroom. My mother in law got everything on clearance at Target!. Woohoo. :)

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