Meet Zap our Elf on a Self

Oh yes! we have an Elf, an Elf that sits on our shelf. Well at least that's where he starts off. Follow along if you will and see what sorts of predicaments our pesky little elf gets into. *^_^*
Day #1
Poor Fuzzy Bean, you see the worried look in his eyes?, I think Zap just told him he may need a bath!! Eeekkk!!!
Day #4
Zap taking a ride
Day #6
Checking out the Nativity Scene
Day #9
Rocked to sleep by an Angel
Day #12
Relaxing and reading
Day #15
Roasting marshmallows
Getting down to the wire, soon it will be time for Zap to leave us till next year. But I've got a feeling his shenanigans have just begun.....
Stay tuned!

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