Bye Bye 2012

This is my last post........  of 2012. (Scared ya there didn't I) *^_^*
I'm not big on New Years Resolutions. I honestly don't see the point to them. They are never stuck too, and then I'm just cursing myself for the rest of the year because I didn't follow my Resolutions. So I've made it a point to no longer rely or make Resolution's. I figured, I'm just going to do What I want, How I want to, and When I want to do them.
Like for the last 2 years I said I was going to blog more.
2011, I went through a lot of trial and error with things, trying to work out kinks in my shop and preparing for Mizz Sprout.
Then 2012 was a little rocky with having a new baby. Feeling like a new parent all over again. Trying to get Bug through school and the trials of not being an only child anymore, and going through some other family things. It just didn't work out for me.
I'm hoping 2013 will work out better for me this time around. I hope to get more projects done and definitely blog more about my goings on then I have previous.
So if you do make Resolutions more power to you, good luck and I hope you can stick to yours better then I can. I you don't good luck in the new year. 
So here's saying GOOODDDD BYYYYYEEEE 2012! HELLLOOOOOOO 2013! May you all have a prosperous, loving, & Happy New Year!

From myself, the Hubs, Bug & Sprout.
Photo: found on google here

Kawaii Christmas

Aren't they just adorbs!
I hand stitched them using eco-fi felt. They are just too cute to not give away. I'm going to have to make some more.
Just when I thought Urban Threads couldn't make anything cuter, they prove me wrong and make the Kawaii Christmas Design Pack!! :)
(Photo from UT site. Click photo to be taken to the Design pack)

Meet Zap our Elf on a Self

Oh yes! we have an Elf, an Elf that sits on our shelf. Well at least that's where he starts off. Follow along if you will and see what sorts of predicaments our pesky little elf gets into. *^_^*
Day #1
Poor Fuzzy Bean, you see the worried look in his eyes?, I think Zap just told him he may need a bath!! Eeekkk!!!
Day #4
Zap taking a ride
Day #6
Checking out the Nativity Scene
Day #9
Rocked to sleep by an Angel
Day #12
Relaxing and reading
Day #15
Roasting marshmallows
Getting down to the wire, soon it will be time for Zap to leave us till next year. But I've got a feeling his shenanigans have just begun.....
Stay tuned!

26 Acts of Kindness

I know it's still very fresh in every ones minds and hearts what has happened that tragic day on Friday the 14th, 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.
Even now as I'm writing I can't stop the tears. I know everyone has a different emotion for what happened that day. I being a mother of an elementary school child and a 11month old couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the news that day. My heart just sank hearing the stories and the count of victims. Then realizing most were children, I crumpled to the floor and just remember thinking "WHY?!" "How could someone do something like this?!".
My heart and thoughts go out to all the families that have had to go though this tragic loss. I can't help but think of those little faces that will never get to grow and do wonderful things in this world. The adults that risked everything to protect those children. They are heroes.
I remember going to pick up my son after school that day, he had asked what was wrong as I hugged him and silently cried. I explained to him what I had seen/heard on the news. (We talk with our son a lot about what goes on and things he has questions about, we explain fully) He was very saddened and started to cry. He hugged me very tight and asked what we could do to help the families. It made me smile, my son has a big heart for an 8yr old. I told him because we are in another state  unfortunetly we couldn't do much, but we can remember them and pray for their families. Maybe find a way to send a letter or message to the school and families.

Then I saw a Facebook page about
photo from Facebook. Click to be taken to the page
I thought "what an amazing idea!" We all need to bring some GOOD back into this world. I think along the way over the years, this world has become a me, me, me train of thought. We need to get back to thinking of everyone. Not just ourselves. Just one Act of Kindness, no matter how small can replicate into dozens of more acts.
My family and I will join in on doing 26 Acts. I hope others will join me as well.
Lets remember these Heroes and Little Angels for years to come. Lets show there is still real GOOD in this world!.


The Giving Bunny Project

What is this?, you may ask. The Giving Bunny?? ...
I enjoy a wonderful embroidery site called Urban Threads. They have such cute, fun, playful little designs that just makes you want to embroider everything you possibly can in the world.
Now, I know what your thinking.... "Rachel you don't have an embroidery machine" ..... Yes this is true. Still to this day that pesky machine eludes me. I need to get one!. I do all of my embroidery by hand. It takes quite a bit longer but I can get the job done for the most part. I vow to have a Embroidery machine I can call my own, One day. Oh yes, One day. Then look out world!. *^_^*

So any way back to The Giving Bunny. I was on the UT blog Stitch Punk the other day and there was a cute new post about the Giving Bunny.
 (Click the photo to be taken to the post)

Yes it sounds a little odd "The Giving Bunny, but it's a really great gesture.
He's a stuffed little (or Big depending on the size you choose) bunny that you can easily put together just to, well basically as the title says give away. You can make him yourself or be one other the lucky strangers to find his little cuteness some where in the world.
There are others out there, like me, who have decided to make bunches of them and set them out into the world (or town that you live) for people to find them and take them home.
Bug liked the idea so much I'm now having to make them for his class. We made one for his teacher all ready and are going to make a few more for the school office as well.
He's excited to go somewhere and leave them for someone to find. So keep an eye out when you are out and about on your days endeavors and see if you can spot any little bunny's waiting to be found and loved.
So far we have Bon Bon and Elouise:
Tyler and Leapster:

Don't forget to go on the site at the bottom of their name tags and let us know that you found them and they made it to a good home.