Flutter top Knock off

While scouring the Clearance racks a few days before Thanksgiving I found this cute top by Mossimo. I scored it for $6.00. Yes this is what I wore for Turkey Day. :)

So on Saturday, what? you really thought I'd go out on Black Friday, with an 8yr old and a 10month old?!?! hahahaha! yeah no.... (This mama doesn't do that. It's safer for the people that do go out from me and my big mouth.) *^_^*
Anyway, on Saturday the 24th it was Shop Small. I decided to go to Rainbow Fabrics instead of Jo-Ann's like I normally do. I've never been in but they had lots of gorgeous fabrics. The personnel was so helpful and kind. Especially having 2 littles with me it was a breeze to get in and out. I found a gorgeous jersey knit fabric with a tiger print (can you tell i like stripes??) on it in their clearance stash for only $1.50 a yard.
Sorry picture isn't all that great, flash went off when it wasn't supposed to... grrr but it's a light roseish/tan with black stripes. I had the perfect project in mind for it when I spotted it. To make a replica of my Mossimo Turkey Day top. :) yay.
I don't do measurements well off of pre made items (never comes out right when I try to). So I drew out my own pattern, like so:

 I know very odd shapes. Maybe when I've had a little more experience making patterns I can turn this into a tutorial and printable pattern. (not yet there though sorry, it's not you it's me.)
Here's where I started sewing it: (Only the second time working with Jersey knit. First attempt, well lets not go there shall we)

About an hour and a crying baby later,
Ta Da!!, Finished knock off...

I need to fix the sirring in the front (it's a little to big other wise) But I'm happy with the turn out. (Sorry for the really bad lighting/bathroom shot)


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