Cute fall Swing coat

So it's fall here in California (finally!) and now it's a scramble to get nice warm-ish clothes for Lil' Sprout. (Which of course if you have kids, and a little girl, you know how expensive it can be) Unfortunately she is a lot like me and Bug and we get hot very easily. So I tend to have to watch what I get her material/ clothes wise.
Well I found some nice semi warm long sleeved onesies and a great free pattern from The Mother Huddle for a coat. It's call the Central Park Swing coat.
(Click picture to be taken to the blog tutorial and pattern)

It's more like a capelet to me. But it's still very cute and I figured I'll later play around with the pattern and create full sleeves for it. It's actually a pattern sized for 3-5T, so I tweaked it a bit to make it work for 9month old Sprout.
So I searched through Jo-Ann's fabric's till I found the perfect print in fat quaters for this cute coat. I was able to use 2 fat quaters, plus I had just enough of some plain flannel fabric left over from making Bug's Link costume.

Here's the fabric I chose. The tan/brown fabric is the left over flannel I had. This print was very cute. Reminded me of peacock tail feathers. It's a pretty coral pink type color.
I added a bit to the front of the coat to overlap. I was going to make it a button up, but then decided to close with snaps. I Like that it's also a reversible coat as well since so much of Sprouts wardrobe has prints on them.
Here's the coat finished.
Here's Lil' Miss Sprout in her new coat last night after I finished it. (Note the pj's. lol)

(I think she Loves it!)




  1. She's getting so big! I love the coat. I think I'd add sleeves under the sleeves (if that makes sense), in our weather up here. It's too cold to go sleeveless.

  2. Thanks.
    That's exactly what I was thinking! lol But the sleeves in a plain color or something.... hummm... Yeah it hasn't gotten too cold yet so I think the next one I make it will have both sleeves.