Baby Jean upgrade

Did you ever realize how fast babies grow?!? I mean really. It's insane. Then it's like the sizes they should be wearing aren't right either. Sprout is 9months and is wearing 6-9 months in some outfits. Pants depending on what they are can go anywhere from 3-6 to 9months. I'm half tempted to just stop shopping for clothes for Lil' miss Sprout and just start making her clothes my self all together. Lol. I'm just tired of getting things and they don't fit right. So anyway (sorry about my rant there). Here's a little upgrade for those pesky clothes that are still wearable and just need a few tweaks.
 Well of course Pinterest is an inspiration here. (If you have not experianced Pinterest yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!) If only I had enough money for everything I have pinned to try from that site..... oh the Joy I would have. *^_^*

Here is the Pin from Pinterest:
(the photo is from where they sell the pants like this.)
I decided to take Sprout's bottoms that still fit her waist and just lengthin them this way. I thought this was such a cute idea. Saves money and your child gets more use out of their clothes. Perfect for Sprout, I've had many clothes that she's only been able to wear once because she out grows them too fast.
Here's her cute little 3-6 month jeans:
They have become capri pants on her. Which would be fine if it was still the season for it. But it's fall and she needs to cover her little legs.

Here's the upgrade:

I opened up the hem on the bottom to give me a flatter area to sew onto and add about a half inch to the jean length. The black is a cotton fabric. I cut two strips to add about 3 inches to the pants. The finnishing touch was the little pink bows I had. Just to add that little something.

Here she is with a whole new outfit for fall: (The coat is from the previous blog post  Cute fall Swin Coat)



  1. Thanks for sending me your link via FB! What a cute, practical idea! I love this. Time to whip out the sewing machine...;)

  2. Ahhhhh, she's adorable!!! And I'll be using this tip, for sure - my two girls are always outgrowing the length of their pants, and this'll be perfect!

    And thanks for posting your link to my fb wall - I loved the chance to meet you!