Handmade Costume

So for the last 2 years Bug has been asking me to make his Halloween costume. This year I decided to do it for him. He wanted to be Link from Legend of Zelda.
I went to Jo-Ann's and got some material and got down to business.

After about 2 months a few hiccups in design (I made my own simple pattern's), I finally finished the whole ensemble.

Here's my references:

I even made shoe covers for him that looks like he's wearing boots. I was so glade with the way they turned out.


And there he is! Yep I made that. How cool is that. :) Of course after taking some photo's, only then do I realize I hadn't made a shield for him. eekkkk!! Luckily I have the supplies at home all ready for it.
Poster board, Packaging that's silver on the inside, Makers, Tape, Drawing Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, Xacto knife, & A photo of the shield in question. I'm ready to rock it out. Stay tuned for that.
Bug is so excited to wear his costume. Can't wait to take him out in it!!.

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