Handmade costume baby Leia

Yes you read that right. Baby Princess Leia!
I haven't touched on my husband much so far in the blog but to put it bluntly, "HE IS A STARWARS NUT". It's true! in one of those you can ask him any question pertaining to Starwars and he can give you the answer in so much detail that you'd ask him to stop talking. Lol
I love Starwars too. So he tells everyone that he is so lucky to have found me. We like/love the same things, we are both gamers, I'm better at shooters then he is though, (you can ask his friends, they tell him all the time they would rather play MW3 with me then him cause I stay alive longer) haha.
But anyway. Back to the task at hand....
Round 2 of costumes goes to my daughter Sprout.
I was having a tough time trying to figure out what to make her. Hubs wanted to make her a troll. Yes I said a Troll, remember them, the ones with the colorful hair and the jewel on their bellies??... yeah those. But she doesn't have enough hair for that.
So I thought I'd make hubby happy this year and make a Princess Leia Costume.
Of course he was led to believe it was for me.... (hahaha)

Here's my references:
Here's Sprout with the hair:
The making of the costume:
The finished costume and my little character Sprout:

Isn't she a cute Leia!
I had to make a few adjustments but all in all it came out great. I can't wait to take her out for her first Halloween.