Small remodel

Well you may have noticed I'm seriously lacking in the blogging & creating department as of late. I hate that. It's one of the things I swore I would try and keep up on so I wouldn't leave ya'll hanging. (Yes I totally just said Ya'll, lol).

I've been dealing with a teething 7month old, Bug going back to school, & a small remodel going on in our home.
We are building another room for me and the hubs to move into so I can have a nursery/ crafting room for Sprout and I. So I have a place to put my stuff instead of having it out on display in our kitchen. Not that my creations look bad or anything... just they are not very appetizing for company. That and I don't have a lot of room in my little corner and it tends to look like a bomb went off and material & stuffing is everywhere.
The other plus is I get to make a nursery/bedroom for Sprout. I never got to have one for bug cause we were renting all the time. So I'm pretty excited to do one. I'm also going to redo Bug's room and get it looking like a little boys room and not some tacky missed matched, looks like it's for a boy room. (Actually have a cohesive look).

So that's what's been going on. We are almost done, so I will be back to my old antics soon enough.

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