So I got some cute fat quarter fabrics and have been trying to decide for weeks what I wanted to do with them. As I was browsing through my file of free patterns and photos I saved of things I would like to make I came across this picture of a cute bubble romper.

I've been wanting to making something for Sprout for awhile. But she's growing so fast that by time I get done with things she's all ready to big for them. She's 8months today, yay! and wearing 9-12months. (Thank goodness I have a few friends that just had or are going to have little girls).
With no pattern to work from I just kinda eyeballed it and went to town creating.
Here is the material I used:
It's a cute little pattern. I used 3 fat quarters in making this romper. One of my downfalls was that I didn't really pay attention when piecing it together so flowers are connected that aren't the same color or just get chopped off. Oopsie. The other is that I didn't really a lot for size. I made it Sprouts size now and didn't a lot for her to grow into it. Grrr, bad mommy.
I even added button holes for the back. I was very proud of myself. (I'm still learning the sewing machine, I know how to do basic stitching and that's about it. I used to strictly sew by hand).
I also found a good tutorial on how to make bottoms from Made-By-Rae. She has very simple and easy to follow instructions. I'm a big visual learner by the way.
So here is the finished product, Sorry it's blurry. (did i mention she standing now! eekkk!)
But yeah here it is. Sprout is very long, I didn't make it long enough for her so now it's a Capri romper. I also didn't give enough room in the bottom, and her diaper takes up a lot of what I did a lot for. I added snaps to the inside of the legs to be able to changer. Well good thing is now I know what I need to do for the next one :)
Here's our pretty shots of Lil Sprout in her romper.


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