Picture Saturday


So I got some cute fat quarter fabrics and have been trying to decide for weeks what I wanted to do with them. As I was browsing through my file of free patterns and photos I saved of things I would like to make I came across this picture of a cute bubble romper.

I've been wanting to making something for Sprout for awhile. But she's growing so fast that by time I get done with things she's all ready to big for them. She's 8months today, yay! and wearing 9-12months. (Thank goodness I have a few friends that just had or are going to have little girls).
With no pattern to work from I just kinda eyeballed it and went to town creating.
Here is the material I used:
It's a cute little pattern. I used 3 fat quarters in making this romper. One of my downfalls was that I didn't really pay attention when piecing it together so flowers are connected that aren't the same color or just get chopped off. Oopsie. The other is that I didn't really a lot for size. I made it Sprouts size now and didn't a lot for her to grow into it. Grrr, bad mommy.
I even added button holes for the back. I was very proud of myself. (I'm still learning the sewing machine, I know how to do basic stitching and that's about it. I used to strictly sew by hand).
I also found a good tutorial on how to make bottoms from Made-By-Rae. She has very simple and easy to follow instructions. I'm a big visual learner by the way.
So here is the finished product, Sorry it's blurry. (did i mention she standing now! eekkk!)
But yeah here it is. Sprout is very long, I didn't make it long enough for her so now it's a Capri romper. I also didn't give enough room in the bottom, and her diaper takes up a lot of what I did a lot for. I added snaps to the inside of the legs to be able to changer. Well good thing is now I know what I need to do for the next one :)
Here's our pretty shots of Lil Sprout in her romper.


Project cuteness

It's been taking quite some time to make this blanket for mizz Sprout. I actually started it when I was still pregnant with her. (yes she's 7months now, dang slow poke) *^_^*
But it's just full of cuteness!
Here's a sneak peek..... (cause I still don't have it done.... moving on),
There are a few more cutesy creatures I'm adding to it. Hand embroidery takes time. ( I'm working on the Griffin now. I have 2 dragons, a mermaid, & a Pegasus all from UrbanThreads, they are hooped and waiting to be stitched up. The materials at the top of the picture there are blocks for the blanket as well.
Can't wait to see what it will all look like when I'm done.

Small remodel

Well you may have noticed I'm seriously lacking in the blogging & creating department as of late. I hate that. It's one of the things I swore I would try and keep up on so I wouldn't leave ya'll hanging. (Yes I totally just said Ya'll, lol).

I've been dealing with a teething 7month old, Bug going back to school, & a small remodel going on in our home.
We are building another room for me and the hubs to move into so I can have a nursery/ crafting room for Sprout and I. So I have a place to put my stuff instead of having it out on display in our kitchen. Not that my creations look bad or anything... just they are not very appetizing for company. That and I don't have a lot of room in my little corner and it tends to look like a bomb went off and material & stuffing is everywhere.
The other plus is I get to make a nursery/bedroom for Sprout. I never got to have one for bug cause we were renting all the time. So I'm pretty excited to do one. I'm also going to redo Bug's room and get it looking like a little boys room and not some tacky missed matched, looks like it's for a boy room. (Actually have a cohesive look).

So that's what's been going on. We are almost done, so I will be back to my old antics soon enough.

A boy and his Bean

Bug with his friend Fuzzy Bean. He picked him out of an awesome brude of Beans made by the incredibly talented Hedgehog & Rabbit creator Lindsay Hartwell.
Fuzz was born on August 1, 2012
he likes: watching Chowder
dislikes: brushing his fur

Bug likes him a lot. Even when playing video games Fuzz is right there next to him. Such a funny pair they are.