So much to do

Well as you know I've been working on 3 flower girl dresses for a friends wedding.  I actually enjoy that it's keeping me busy. Her wedding is literally 2 weeks away and I'm on the last dress now. Yeah I know...."Wwwaaaaahhhhhtttttt?!?!?!" (Said like in Family guy) I had quite a few set backs :(  such as tulle having a mind of it's own, cutting material on the wrong section (result, shorter material) being so tired and not going to bed when I should have which resulted in some oddly misshapen skirt with wacky stitching (how I managed to not stitch a finger in the process is amazing) eekkkk!!!!! But, I recovered in the nick of time, I think. Only a few trip to the fabric store to get a few extras and going through a few handmade patterns before getting it right. Now just hoping that she likes them. She hasn't seen the finished ones yet.
*Getting my old car fixed for me so I have something big enough to drive both kids with all their stuff around in.
*We are planing a remodel on our home to add on a room for lil mizz.  (Did I mention she was a surprise pregnancy??)
*Getting little man ready to go back to school next month.
*And the cherry at the top of that oh so wonderful cupcake! Lil mizz is teething! ahhh!!!
Right now I'm in shock that I know which way from Sunday it is. hahaha

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