Blank me, Blank you

So the other day hubby and little man Bug were at the store and they bought me a Blank. "A Blank what???" yeah I know what your thinking. I can see it in your eyes. Really I see you..... ok ok I can't, that would be totaly crazy. haha.
Anyway....... akward....

Yes they bought me a Color Blank. It's a little figurine that is, well, Blank. You create basically anyhing your mind can come up with on your little Blank. It gives you 3 markers. Of course Hubs & Bug bought me more markers, cause really 3, that's it?. I know, what do the makers think you can create with just 3 markers?!?!....really.
I've seen so many Amazing things done on these little guys. I've been wanting one for awhile now. Funny thing is, now that I have one I have no clue what I want to do on it. haha Seriously!.... it always happens that way. Well at least it does to me anyway.

Here's my little guy in all his Blank glory. He's not shy, really he told me.

So now I'm just trying to do some sketches before I get to work on him. I want it to be a good one :)

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