Well that's just Dandy

Dandelion that is.
 The making of Dandy
Dandy is such a happy dandelion. She loves to play with her friends Bug & Sprout. She giggles when others make a wish and give her a big hug. Dandy isn't to fond of windy days. She's always afraid that she will get blown away. She likes to stay inside ad cuddle.

Blank me, Blank you

So the other day hubby and little man Bug were at the store and they bought me a Blank. "A Blank what???" yeah I know what your thinking. I can see it in your eyes. Really I see you..... ok ok I can't, that would be totaly crazy. haha.
Anyway....... akward....

Yes they bought me a Color Blank. It's a little figurine that is, well, Blank. You create basically anyhing your mind can come up with on your little Blank. It gives you 3 markers. Of course Hubs & Bug bought me more markers, cause really 3, that's it?. I know, what do the makers think you can create with just 3 markers?!?!....really.
I've seen so many Amazing things done on these little guys. I've been wanting one for awhile now. Funny thing is, now that I have one I have no clue what I want to do on it. haha Seriously!.... it always happens that way. Well at least it does to me anyway.

Here's my little guy in all his Blank glory. He's not shy, really he told me.

So now I'm just trying to do some sketches before I get to work on him. I want it to be a good one :)

So much to do

Well as you know I've been working on 3 flower girl dresses for a friends wedding.  I actually enjoy that it's keeping me busy. Her wedding is literally 2 weeks away and I'm on the last dress now. Yeah I know...."Wwwaaaaahhhhhtttttt?!?!?!" (Said like in Family guy) I had quite a few set backs :(  such as tulle having a mind of it's own, cutting material on the wrong section (result, shorter material) being so tired and not going to bed when I should have which resulted in some oddly misshapen skirt with wacky stitching (how I managed to not stitch a finger in the process is amazing) eekkkk!!!!! But, I recovered in the nick of time, I think. Only a few trip to the fabric store to get a few extras and going through a few handmade patterns before getting it right. Now just hoping that she likes them. She hasn't seen the finished ones yet.
*Getting my old car fixed for me so I have something big enough to drive both kids with all their stuff around in.
*We are planing a remodel on our home to add on a room for lil mizz.  (Did I mention she was a surprise pregnancy??)
*Getting little man ready to go back to school next month.
*And the cherry at the top of that oh so wonderful cupcake! Lil mizz is teething! ahhh!!!
Right now I'm in shock that I know which way from Sunday it is. hahaha

Picture Saturday

I have caught the elusive hamper monster in the act!. Here is the culprit for all our missing socks. *^_^*

Meet Starie

Hello I'm Starie!.
She is such a happy star. When she smiles she shines brighter and brighter. So of course the only time she may not smile is when she's sleeping during some of the day (but then again I think in her dreams she smiles even bigger). Starie and her Twinkle friends love to race in the sky and often are the cause of shooting stars. If you happen to catch a glimpse of them racing don't forget to make a wish. Besides racing, Starie enjoys hugs, playing games, and going on adventures with her friends Bug & Sprout. 

Meet Bug & Sprout

I would like to introduce you to Bug and Sprout.

Sprout: is the runt of the Lilies, but by no means does she act like a bud. She's very friendly and smiles all the time. She can't wait to grow up big and beautiful like the other flowers in the land, she often dreams of what she may look like, what color Lili she will be. Sprout loves to play and go on exciting adventures with her big brother Bug.

Bug: is a fast little dragonfly. Always zipping around playing games and helping his friends. He protects his little sister Sprout because he knows she's small and delicate. He has quite an imagination, that takes him an Sprout to far off places.

I hope to have cuddly plush versions of them soon. *^_^* 

Change is good Bug N Sprout is here

Well I officially made the change. SewRae! and Lili-Bean has become Bug N' Sprout. Yay!!!
It's a representation of my kids and rounds out what I do. The name before to me felt as if it only focused on the sewing. Were as bug and sprout is just, well everything. It's my life. So come join in on the adventure that is Bug N' Sprout

I'm in the process of getting everything switched over to the new name so please bare with me. I will post updates here and on my Facebook page as the changes happen. The link to this blog will be changing also. So if you still wish to follow me keep watching the post for when that will occur. I don't want to lose anyone ;)