Twilight The Sleepy Star

Twilight the Sleepy Star is oh so tired. He shines so brightly so everyone will want to make a wish or use him as a guide for nightime adventures.
Now that it's day he is tuckered out ready for bed. (It's a lot of work to shine as bright as he does). He can sometimes be a bit of a grouch but when he gets a nice big hug from you he softens right up. He loves his Night cap and sometimes forgets to take it off and one day he snored so loudly that it left sleepy Z's on his back.
Twilight Sleepy Star is available to purchase here in my etsy shop.

Quick Rambling

So for the past month I've been batting around the idea of changing the name of my shop. In doing so, I will then need to change all other forms of out reach ie:blog, Facebook page, email. I'm just having a hard time commiting to a name.
I'm wanting to change it to something that will not generlize focus on one craft that I do, being's that i'm an ensane, must learn every craft there is cause it's like I have ADD and need to be doing 50 things at once type of person :) lol. Yep that'd be me. SewRae! just foucuses on the Sewing aspect of what I do.... hmmmm, what to do, what to do?....
I guess it's back to the drawing board for now.

Picture Saturday

I think I'm going to start posting one or two new picture every Saturday of the month. Just to show what I've been up too. ;) Enjoy!
Me and my littles

Schools out for the Summer!

Time to Rock! Rock out whatever I can now that I'm not running back and forth for Little man's school. He's so excited to be out for the summer and is all ready making plans for us to go do things. ;)
I have a new project that I've been trying to work on. Since Lili is 4 months now she's settled into a routine of sorts and so I've been having to adjust to work when she's napping. So hopefully I will be able to revile what I've been stitching up soon.
Watch for a new post coming soon titled,
** Meet Bug & Sprout ** 
(that's all the info you'll get for now )