Paci Decor

I've been off from posting for a little while. Trying to focus on Mizz Lili and getting her into a good routine that will work for our semi chaotic household. *boy is it taking a lot out of me* but it's okay, the last few days have been working out nice.
So on what little down time I've had, I had a little nutty idea to crochet cute little things for Lili's pacifiers. I'm calling it Paci Decor. *haha*
Mizz Lili is a very odd little bird. She loves to feel things... I know your probably scratching your head thinking "what?, i don't get it"... what I mean is she will go out of her way to throw a big stink just to have you give her what she's fussing over just to see what it feels like & once she's touched it shes done. Unless she really likes it then she will hold on to it and play with it for a while. The other thing she does is with her Pacifiers. You can't just give her a pacifier, there must, * I repeat MUST be something attached to it* or she will not keep it.
So I came up with this...

I'm not big on pacifiers, she isn't either. She just likes to hold them more than really suck on one. Now that she's 4 months old she tends to gnaw on them every now and then too. So now with this one she will sit/ lay there and just feel the textures of the flower. It keeps her busy while she's laying in her bed or on her play mat. I'm thinking of making more but not to sure yet .... just need a few moer ideas on what to make before I do.

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