Back into the Swing of things

Well I'm sure you've noticed that I've been gone for a few days. Yep no posts... *bad,bad,bad* (I'm scolding myself as I type). My husband has been off the last few weeks to do some bonding time with our baby girl and we've been working on getting her into a routine before he goes back since he works night shift. It's also comeing down to the last few weeks of school for my lil man. He will soon be a 3rd grader!... *wow! time sure flys*
But I'm back. I promise i will forwarn everyone next time before taking a little break. :)
Now, with that out of the way.... On to todays post!====>

I didn't get much sewing done the last few weeks, I have a few projects that I've started, but I just need the time to sit down and finish them.
My husbands cousin is graduating High Scool, *and we all know that can be expensive* so I was asked to make his invetations and take senior photos for him. So this past week, that's what I was working on. I delivered them today and I think everything came out really well. Our Aunt loved them. So that makes me happy.

I've also been asked to make flower girl dresses for a friends wedding in August. I'm a little nervous cause I've never made any before. But at least I've got time to work out kinks.

I will have new posts as I finish projects. Stay tuned....

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