Newborn hoodie

I was very excited when I looked at UrbanThreads' blog "StitchPunk" and saw on their flickr round-up a few weeks ago, that they had posted the newborn hoodie I did! (yay!! *happy dance*).
I took the wings from the design "Clockwork natura wings" and hand embroidered them on to some soft white fleece. Then I used them as an applique on the back of the hoodie for my daughter.

I've been wanting to take pictures of her in it but, it's never a day for a hoodie lately. Plus now that she's 3months.. not too sure how well it will fit her any more. I do have a few friends that are expecting some tiny humans of their own (yes, I said tiny humans, Grey's Anatomy is on right now. Gotta luRve it). So maybe it will turn into a gift. Hurmmm, put a pin in it... *bink* (that's the sound of my pin)

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