A little crochet to start the day

Yes I know, you are probably wondering why I am on at this hour of the morning to post, (no I'm not really crazy, just a little sleep deprived lately) I'm also a habitual night owl (if there is such a thing?!?...) I have random thoughts that if I don't sit down and pound them out on the keyboard, YOU my lucky little readers wound never hear them (Ha! caught you. thought you could get away from me that easy huh?)

Well as you may have noticed I've decided to start on the little venture of crocheting. I am still a total newbie when it comes to this craft, but it's actually really fun.
I started off learning it as a child from my Oma (that's grandmother in German if you didn't know). She is always crocheting blankets for us grandchildren. (she has 30+ gkiddies and quite a few great gkiddies, yes very big family and she still looks good for her age... but that's another story ^_^) Well she taught me and my sister to make the chain with our finger, with a few other simple things. But at the time for me I didn't much care for it.
I didn't pick it back up again till about a year ago. I was surfing the wonderful web and came across a great blanket that I wanted to have. Of course my Oma lives in Arizona so I couldn't ask here to make it. (Plus I already have 3 blankets from her anyway shhh.) So I was determined to make it myself. I'm a big visual learner and went on YouTube and learned the Basics.
Here's what I did

5 Skeins later

I was so excited and proud when I finished it. This was my first official completed crochet project. It's just exploded from that point on and became my other pastime along with sewing and reading. ^_^
Here's what I've made since then....

 Picture by: Amanda Wright  Baby model: Brody Wright
 Picture by: Amanda Wright Baby model: Brody Wright

Picture by: Amanda Wright Baby model: Brody Wright
There's always more to come.... (my shop isn't going to sell anything with just the logos you know). lol.

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