I would like to introduce Lili-Bean Crochet

I guess I should talk about it since it's one of the things that has changed since opening my shop and blog back up.
While I was pregnant I had started crocheting a lot more. I was just going to make things for my kids but I've had such a great demand for crochet items from others that I decided to add a section of crochet to my shop. Since the shop is called SewRae! I didn't see where the crocheting would fit in. 
Well, one day, I was working on a project when the name Lili-Bean Crochet just hit me smack dab in the face (Literally. I was picking up my 2month old daughter and we all know how great babies head control is at that age, she nailed me in the chin). So anyway that's where the name came from.  "Lili" is my daughters name and the "Bean" is actually from my 7yr old son.
Now your probably wondering..Bean??.. why Bean??... well it's a name a dear friend of mine came up with when I was still pregnant with him. The very first ultrasound that was done he was kinda small at the time but the way he was shaped he looked like a bean. So the name just stuck. I think it's a good representation of my kids.

That's one of the many new logos I made. I drew myself for the SewRae! Shop. I originally drew it 2 yrs ago when I had short hair. Thinking I may need to change it to reflect me (now) more.
The little boy, baby, branch, and background digi art is from kits that I bought from Kristin Aagard of Digi Delights.
Boy- On the wind, Baby- Pea in a pod, Branch- Bird song, Background- Up in the air
I'm also debating on changing the font that I have. I came across a font late the other night that would be perfect for my Logos. Decisions, Decisions....

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