Beautiful, but oh so hot day for some stitchin

Well it's nearing the end of April. The weather has been having tantrums as of late, being mild one day, to pouring, and so on. The last 2 days it's been wonderful, I think the weather finally hit it's puberty spurt. Yay!
My little girl is 3months today woohoo!. But with the days getting warmer, and realizing that a lot of the clothes that we've bought as well as received are either not for this type of weather or are getting way too small for her fast. So since I've been itching to do some stitchin' I found a few patterns to make her some weather worthy clothes. 
First up is a cute little jumper dress.
I basically just wanted to try out the pattern so I grabbed 2 light flannel receiving blankets that we had for Lili*Beans (as I like to call her). I got 2 regular cover buttons that I had received from Hedgehog & Rabbit owner Lindsay Hartwell, and printed out the pattern from Smashed Peas and Carrots . It was the cutest little dress. The tutorial was great and super easy. I figured it was great for this type of weather, plus it could be used as a little accent with a onesie and bottoms.
Then I found this great tutorial at Runcibledays on making baby bloomers, with ruffles!! **SCORE!**. I just had to make some. I still had leftover material from the blankets so I thought why not make some little under pants to go with the jumper?!. **Ding Ding**

I was so excited at how great they turned out. She wore them today and just looked fabulous!!

Now try and look me in the eye and tell me that is not the cutest thing you've ever seen.... come on... *^_^*

Well I am going to take advantage of this beautiful day and get outside with my family and soak up some sun while I can.
I'll be posting some more great outfits soon.

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