Attempting great photography with an iPhone

So since my daughter has been born I will admit I've gone a little paparazzi. I mean, I love taking picture and I've wanted to get into it for a long time now. I just don't really have the tools or the funds $$ to be doing it. All I have is my little smarty pants phone known as the iPhone. Not to mention it's only a 3Gs not the 4. But I'm not complaining I got it for free and it's a  32gb!.. (woah!!) I know what your thinking... "what could she possibly do with that much space?!?".... Ummm hello have you met me???!! (i know some of you really haven't). I thought of that, just a moment ago. hehe.
Well let me show you my wears of this wonderful contraption that I possess.

There's plenty more. I have 3 pages, Yes I said pages. full of folders that are full of apps. Music, health, books, photos, games, crafts and all things in between. I'm adding more and more everyday. Soon though I think I need to break down and get the 4s, but for now this seems to be working. Now on to what you really came here for on this post.
My photo taking and editing skills with what I've got to work with...

I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to save enough to get an actual camera. But I also think I may just upgrade my phone. Cause who really remembers to carry around their camera with them where ever they go. Unless of course the are a pro photographer or something of the sort. :) We shall see.

Beautiful, but oh so hot day for some stitchin

Well it's nearing the end of April. The weather has been having tantrums as of late, being mild one day, to pouring, and so on. The last 2 days it's been wonderful, I think the weather finally hit it's puberty spurt. Yay!
My little girl is 3months today woohoo!. But with the days getting warmer, and realizing that a lot of the clothes that we've bought as well as received are either not for this type of weather or are getting way too small for her fast. So since I've been itching to do some stitchin' I found a few patterns to make her some weather worthy clothes. 
First up is a cute little jumper dress.
I basically just wanted to try out the pattern so I grabbed 2 light flannel receiving blankets that we had for Lili*Beans (as I like to call her). I got 2 regular cover buttons that I had received from Hedgehog & Rabbit owner Lindsay Hartwell, and printed out the pattern from Smashed Peas and Carrots . It was the cutest little dress. The tutorial was great and super easy. I figured it was great for this type of weather, plus it could be used as a little accent with a onesie and bottoms.
Then I found this great tutorial at Runcibledays on making baby bloomers, with ruffles!! **SCORE!**. I just had to make some. I still had leftover material from the blankets so I thought why not make some little under pants to go with the jumper?!. **Ding Ding**

I was so excited at how great they turned out. She wore them today and just looked fabulous!!

Now try and look me in the eye and tell me that is not the cutest thing you've ever seen.... come on... *^_^*

Well I am going to take advantage of this beautiful day and get outside with my family and soak up some sun while I can.
I'll be posting some more great outfits soon.

A little crochet to start the day

Yes I know, you are probably wondering why I am on at this hour of the morning to post, (no I'm not really crazy, just a little sleep deprived lately) I'm also a habitual night owl (if there is such a thing?!?...) I have random thoughts that if I don't sit down and pound them out on the keyboard, YOU my lucky little readers wound never hear them (Ha! caught you. thought you could get away from me that easy huh?)

Well as you may have noticed I've decided to start on the little venture of crocheting. I am still a total newbie when it comes to this craft, but it's actually really fun.
I started off learning it as a child from my Oma (that's grandmother in German if you didn't know). She is always crocheting blankets for us grandchildren. (she has 30+ gkiddies and quite a few great gkiddies, yes very big family and she still looks good for her age... but that's another story ^_^) Well she taught me and my sister to make the chain with our finger, with a few other simple things. But at the time for me I didn't much care for it.
I didn't pick it back up again till about a year ago. I was surfing the wonderful web and came across a great blanket that I wanted to have. Of course my Oma lives in Arizona so I couldn't ask here to make it. (Plus I already have 3 blankets from her anyway shhh.) So I was determined to make it myself. I'm a big visual learner and went on YouTube and learned the Basics.
Here's what I did

5 Skeins later

I was so excited and proud when I finished it. This was my first official completed crochet project. It's just exploded from that point on and became my other pastime along with sewing and reading. ^_^
Here's what I've made since then....

 Picture by: Amanda Wright  Baby model: Brody Wright
 Picture by: Amanda Wright Baby model: Brody Wright

Picture by: Amanda Wright Baby model: Brody Wright
There's always more to come.... (my shop isn't going to sell anything with just the logos you know). lol.

Newborn hoodie

I was very excited when I looked at UrbanThreads' blog "StitchPunk" and saw on their flickr round-up a few weeks ago, that they had posted the newborn hoodie I did! (yay!! *happy dance*).
I took the wings from the design "Clockwork natura wings" and hand embroidered them on to some soft white fleece. Then I used them as an applique on the back of the hoodie for my daughter.

I've been wanting to take pictures of her in it but, it's never a day for a hoodie lately. Plus now that she's 3months.. not too sure how well it will fit her any more. I do have a few friends that are expecting some tiny humans of their own (yes, I said tiny humans, Grey's Anatomy is on right now. Gotta luRve it). So maybe it will turn into a gift. Hurmmm, put a pin in it... *bink* (that's the sound of my pin)

I would like to introduce Lili-Bean Crochet

I guess I should talk about it since it's one of the things that has changed since opening my shop and blog back up.
While I was pregnant I had started crocheting a lot more. I was just going to make things for my kids but I've had such a great demand for crochet items from others that I decided to add a section of crochet to my shop. Since the shop is called SewRae! I didn't see where the crocheting would fit in. 
Well, one day, I was working on a project when the name Lili-Bean Crochet just hit me smack dab in the face (Literally. I was picking up my 2month old daughter and we all know how great babies head control is at that age, she nailed me in the chin). So anyway that's where the name came from.  "Lili" is my daughters name and the "Bean" is actually from my 7yr old son.
Now your probably wondering..Bean??.. why Bean??... well it's a name a dear friend of mine came up with when I was still pregnant with him. The very first ultrasound that was done he was kinda small at the time but the way he was shaped he looked like a bean. So the name just stuck. I think it's a good representation of my kids.

That's one of the many new logos I made. I drew myself for the SewRae! Shop. I originally drew it 2 yrs ago when I had short hair. Thinking I may need to change it to reflect me (now) more.
The little boy, baby, branch, and background digi art is from kits that I bought from Kristin Aagard of Digi Delights.
Boy- On the wind, Baby- Pea in a pod, Branch- Bird song, Background- Up in the air
I'm also debating on changing the font that I have. I came across a font late the other night that would be perfect for my Logos. Decisions, Decisions....


So, I found a great stitch along at
The stitch along for April is a monster cupcake appliqué by Love and a Sandwich. I just love the gal Chelsea's work. She makes awesome plush creatures.
**Someday I will have the money to buy one of her creatures :) **
So anyway just thought I'd share the love, and show off my little Cupcake monster who just LuRves SPRINKLES!!!

Getting Started:

The beginning of a cupcake:

Sprinkles!!! Oh no! I've created a Monster... Cupcake!

I printed the template in 2 sizes. The larger one is for a blanket I'm making for my sister. shhh don't tell her :)


Helloooooo! (said with the enthusiastic sound like Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire).

Yes it is I that pesky little sewer Rae!. I have finally made myself sit down and work on my blog. It's been seriously lacking for some time now. I think the last time I had posted was last year.
I've been a busy bee with all the newness & craziness I have gone through in the last few months. So I just decided now is as good of time as any to overhaul my blog. I basically took it down to scratch and started over (well mostly)...
I have all new button's, logos, & a few new additions.
I am making a vow, that in one way, shape, or form I will not neglect this blog like I have done in the past.

So as of now, as if we are meeting for the first time (and it is for any new readers to my crazy little outbursts, that is my blog) I would like to welcome you to SewRae! Handmade & Lili-Bean Crochet. I hope you enjoy my wonderful journey through my looking glass of crafty goodness.