Japan pt 5 - Iwakuni - Mama's coming home

We arrived at Iwakuni Station. Iwakuni is where my mom grew up. Her dad was in the Navy and so they were stationed at the base here. The base was under construction at the time of our visit so we weren't able to go and see it.

We did get to go over and see the Kintai Bridge. It was still raining so we had to be very careful walking over the bridge. 


Mom and dad, once we got across the bridge. There were booths with food and hand made pottery to buy and lots of sakura (cherry blossoms)

There's a castle waaaay up there, you have to take a gondola up to visit. But with it raining we weren't able to go up there. Safety first 😉

 This was one of the night trains we saw while we were waiting for our train back to the hotel.

Lets get down to business!

August 15, 2017 

6:25am : Woke to Sprout asking to watch Pokemon and wanting marshmallow fruit loops for breakfast.
Bug was still sleeping.

7:15am : After waking up Bug, we had breakfast and went through our morning routine of letting the dog out to got to the bathroom, feeding the goats, cleaning cat box and then feeding both cats and the dog (yes hands are washed throughout this routine)

8:00am : School has officially begun. 

My teaching essentials

Bug's curriculum

So far so good, this week is a pretty light week, work wise. We will maybe only spend about an hour each day this week on work. We still need to attend some of the bigger classes such as math, zoo phonics, and Language Arts before we can really begin those subjects. Next week though is going to be a whole different battle. Not only will we have the big subject classes but for myself I'll be teaching 8th grade and Kindergarten. So I will definitely have to have 2 different modes to get my teaching across.

Wish me luck, this is my first time in home school land, I'm nervous but excited to embark on this adventure with my littles.

Bug of course didn't want to take a "First Day" photo. Apparently 8th graders are too cool for that. hahaha. 

Japan pt. 3b - Osaka Aquarium and Giant Ferris Wheel

Yep it's was still raining during our time in Osaka. We visited the castle, which was still fun despite the rain. Our hotel had a package deal for the Aquarium so they made the arrangements for us and got us our tickets which worked for the aquarium itself as well as the subway. We just needed to make sure to hold on to our ticket so we could come but to the hotel using the same ticket.

The Aquarium was a fairly tall building when you entered you go through a tube which has fish swimming all around you. Then you take an escalator up to the top of the building and that's where the tour begins and as you take the walkway back down is how you view all the animals they have. 

 As you come down about 2 levels there is a large tank that is in the middle of the building. I didn't realize until I walked up to the tank that it goes through the middle of the building all the way to the bottom. This tank houses 2 of their biggest animals, the Whale Shark. It was wonderful to see. They were such large creatures. Besides orcas, the 2 whale sharks were the biggest aquatic animals I have ever gotten the chance to see and be near.

This was the touch pool. There were a few sharks and rays that you could reach in and touch. My dad was excited, he loves fish and he hadn't been able to do something like this in a long time. I think he was able to touch just about each animal that was in the touch tank we were calling him the "Fish whisperer" after that. 

My sister said that they felt really weird (can you tell?  haha). 

 I found Nemo!


Once we finished walking the aquarium we went to the small mall that was next door. which also had a Ferris wheel called the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel. It was 369ft tall.

This was the aquarium view from the ferris wheel. 

Japan pt. 4 coming soon -

c2c crochet obsession

I've been working a lot more with crochet and knitting lately and I'm a bit excited cause I learned how to do c2c crochet, what does c2c crochet mean? It stands for corner-to-corner crochet.

[Per Google : "It allows you to begin in the corner of a crochet project, typically a crochet blanket or afghan square, and work towards the other corner in a way that produces a finished project that looks like a textured, layered version of the classic granny square" ]

Why I'm really excited to have learned c2c is that it also works great with graph patterns. Similar to the graph beanies but a flat version instead of a ridge one like the Flash beanie below.

I found a cute fox pattern, cause we all know I'm crafty like a fox! 😉 oh ya'll didn't know that?... ok then, moving on, as I was saying I found a cute fox pattern for a c2c square on Pinterest from The Friendly Red Fox (the name is so cute!)  Here is my very first c2c graph piece here is the link to The Friendly Red Fox's pin ---> http://pin.it/ovWLM7Z
where you can make dozens of these cuties too!.

So I then got a little adventuress and stepped way into the deep end of these c2c graph patterns and picked a large graph to attempt. Boy it was a doosey. I can't tell you how many times I started and stopped and tore it apart. 
No honestly I can't tell you, I lost count cause it was so many times. 
But I was determined to finish what I started.
BA BAM! look how awesome it is! 
Haku from Spirited Away.

My next c2c project brought me to Make & Do Crew and their pattern "Be a Deer" Afghan. Before I closed my custom orders down for some much needed order catch up and family business, I got an order for a crocheted deer head blanket for a little boy turning 1. His dad is a hunter and his boy loves to go with him when they camp and practice. So his mom contacted me for a blue deer head blanket. Which was perfect cause just about that time I had found the Graph pattern from Make & Do and I loved the color pallet that was chosen. So when I showed mom she said YES! that's what I want. So I stuck with similar colors (which Mom approved) and this is the finished result. 

I added a bit to the bottom of the deer head because the Make & Do Crew's graph was just stright across at the bottom and the mom wanted a bit more to it. I had enough supplies to make 2 of these in this color pallet so the first one went to the customer who was extreamly excited with it by the way 😊 and the second is currently listed in the Shop.

So I guess it's safe to say I have an obsession, I have found and bought quite a few graphs that I can't wait to start on. I'll be sure to post here about them as they are completed.